About Us

If you are confused by your company’s pension and profit sharing needs, you are not alone. Keeping up with rapidly changing tax laws and understanding the implications of tax acts such as ERISA, TEFRA, DEFRA, REA, TRA ’86, USERRA, GUST, EGTRRA and PPA can be overwhelming.

With Estate & Pension Advisory Board (EPAB), the experienced planners, you can put your mind at ease.
EPAB’s staff are specialists in retirement planning and administration. We will design, install and administer a tax-qualified pension, profit sharing or 401(k) plan to meet your individual wants and needs.

Inexperience and limited knowledge can result in costly mistakes. With EPAB’s staff that includes an enrolled actuary, certified pension consultants and qualified administrators, you get the benefit of over 30 years of expertise and knowledge in the intricate requirements of pension law. We stay on top of the complex and constantly changing laws, keeping your plan in strict compliance with government regulations.

Let an experienced planner meet your pension and profit sharing needs.


EPAB appraises your needs and determines plan objectives. As independent consultants, EPAB provides impartial information so you can reach the best decision for your company and your employees.


EPAB prepares all necessary papers required by the IRS for tax qualification. We install the plan and communicate the provisions to your eligible employees.


EPAB provides annual valuation reports, participant benefit statements, filing of government reporting and disclosure forms, plan record keeping, benefit distribution processing, and communication of pension law changes.